2020 ‐ February

The "Network for Pharma Solutions" (NetPhaSol) starts campaign for networking and cooperation

NetPhaSol, the nationwide network of 30 companies and 20 research institutions covering the entire value chain in drug discovery and development, is launching its campaign for networking and cooperation.

Are you looking for qualified partner for your project? Are you looking for special expertise for a technological solution? Then NetPhaSol is the right partner for you. Access to the network is very simple. Apply with a brief description of your project or request here and we will contact you immediately.


2018 ‐ June

New Highlights: Visit our Data Gallery at

Visit our Data Gallery and find new exciting application examples of our Viscover imaging agents such as the investigation of disease‐related changes in organ size, in vivo µ-CT of the myocardium, or angiogenesis in mice.


2017 ‐ October

nanoPET Pharma GmbH joins '':
nanoPET Pharma GmbH is a member of the 'Network for Pharma Solutions' (NetPhaSol, Germany)

Announcement of the initiative ':
Successful start of the cooperation network for drug development 'Network for Pharma Solutions' (NetPhaSol, Germany)

2017 ‐ February

Now online! Visit our Viscover™ Webshop!
We proudly announe the launch of the Viscover™ Webshop! Simply place your order online ‐ it was never that easy!
While offering a new channel to purchase the Viscover™ imaging agents their trusted quality and the reliable technical support remain the same.
We thank our lang‐standing customers for the trustful cooperation in the past and welcome all our new customers. We are looking forward to your order!
Viscover™. More to discover.


2016 ‐ January

Hope for Parkinson patients: Within the framework of a
Pro FIT project funded by the IBB, the Clinic for Neurology at the Charité and nanoPET Pharma conduct research for the diagnosis and therapy of Parkinson's disease.


2015 ‐ March

Guest feature by Dr. Michael Wallmeyer (CFO‐COO nanoPET Pharma GmbH) about bio‐patents, published in BioTech brief of the DIB.

2015 ‐ January

"Nanomaterials need no special treatment". Articles appeared in chemie report 01+02/2015 (page 18-19).


2014 ‐ September

nanoPET Pharma GmbH launches a new R&D partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim.


2013 ‐ September

Take a look at our company profile which appeared in the BioTOP report 2013 (page 12).